Those that haven't tried camping just don't realize how much fun it can be. There are few things in this world more refreshing to the soul than spending a little time in the bush, getting back in touch with our selves and basking in Mother Nature's glow.

Of course, different people have their own ideas of exactly what primitive living is. For us great out door types, though, we understand that the farther we get from the city lights the grander the heaven's view becomes.

To reach these secluded spots in the outback and be assured of getting back takes a special kind of person and a special vehicle. A stock 4wd is a good place to start, but if you want to rip across the dunes, play in the mud and then spend a relaxing evening telling lies with your mates or snuggling under the stars with your lass you are going to want to add a few niceties to your rig.

Here are a few suggestions for you to start with.

Bull Bars, Loop Bars, Nudge Bars
Regardless of whether you are going to be rolling off-road into the back country or just riding on what passes for roads in some areas, your front end is going to be the most exposed to damage. Frontal protection is a must.

Installing a proper set of bars will not only protect and enhance your recreational vehicle's good looks they can save you a load of heartache. A tire is simple enough to change if it blows, but catch a stone or stick in your radiator and you're done for the day with a long walk home.

We all know how fickle the weather can be on The Suncoast or all over Australia for that matter. Rains can hit hard and rivers rise fast. Adding a snorkel on your truck will help you make sure you can make it home without worry or if you are the stalwart type get where you're going with ease.

Does this one need any explanation? Have you ever had too many lights or been able to see too well.

This may seem kind of frivolous to the rougher set, but the entire point of camping is to relax and have fun. Adding a canopy to your rig will give you protection from the harsh sun, the chilly dew and those sudden showers that can appear out of nowhere. Sound like a lot more fun than being cold and wet or baked like a Meat Pie.

Camping almost always leads to good times. Properly outfitting your your 4wd before heading into the bush will make safer and even more fun.