A Snorkel for your 4wd will be one of the modifications on the top of your priority list if you plan of taking the road less traveled and getting the most out of your 4wd adventures. Its name is a give away, a 4wd snorkels function is to improve off-road performance by lifting the air intake to roof height making for safer water crossings in deeper water. What is often forgotten though is that there are other less talked about advantages that come with the installation of a 4wd snorkel.

Surprise Advantage 1

Cooler denser air

When you install a snorkel you effectively lift the air intake of your 4wd from the front of the engine bay facing forward to roof height. The air up higher will be cooler, and cooler air means denser air. Why is cool dense air an important performance enhancer? Weather your 4wd runs on diesel or petrol one of the most important factors to engine performance is the air/fuel mixture your engine uses to create combustion and guess what, cool dense air will combust more efficiently! Meaning a more efficient better running engine.

Surprise Advantage 2

Less dust

Anyone that has driven off-road in Australian will be all too familiar with dust, red dust, and lots of it. Fitting a snorkel to your 4wd will not only make water more difficult to enter, but also greatly reduce the quantities of dust that would otherwise pass into your air intake. This should reduce wear and tear on your 4wd engine, especially on your air filter that wears the brunt of this dust. This means savings on maintenance and a longer life for your filter.

Surprise Advantage 3

Air ram effect

A snorkel will also include an ‘air ram’ the air ram sits at the top of the snorkel it creates a ram effect improving engine performance, it also separates any moisture in the air by passing air through a 90 degree bend keeping moisture out of your precious engine.

So there you have it, a 4wd snorkel, more than just an upgrade for water crossings.

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