Towbars and the Sunshine Coast go hand in hand, this might sound like a strange thing to say but first let us explain!
It’s safe to say the Sunshine Coast is home to some of the most beautiful and iconic waterways in South East Queensland, Australia, even the world! many of us live here or have recently moved here to enjoy this aquatic lifestyle. Of course one of the most popular ways to enjoy this lifestyle is with a boat, tinny, mono hull, catamaran, or even jet ski. You name the craft one of our Sunshine Coast Towbar customers has probably towed it!

For this reason having your car fitted with a towbar and Sunshine Coast living are the perfect match.

So if you’re looking for a Sunshine Coast towbar to get your boat in the water what should you be looking for? Well that all depends on the size of the boat you are wanting to tow.

Towbars are ranked in classes, class 2 towbars are rated generally to 1200kg, class 3 to 1600kg, and class 4 towbars are usually rated higher than most cars towing capacity. For a more in depth explanation on this subject we have a great blog article that goes through all the towbar ratings (link to blog). After reading this guide if your still not sure on what towbar is right for your boat why not give us a call on (07) 5445 5588

Now if your wanting to tow a boat on the Sunshine Coast a tow bar will be a necessity, but remember there are also a few accessories that you might want to check out just to make life a bit easier.

Reverse Cameras and sensors
While towing your boat through the streets may be a breeze when it comes to offloading at the boat ramp or reversing your pride and joy into your garage things can become a little tricky.

Thats where a reverse camera and sensors could become the perfect tow bar accompaniment to your tow bar installation, and the best part is we can fit both at the same time right here on the Sunshine Coast.

Sway control and Weight Distribution.
Surely one of the best accompaniments to go with your new tow bar. A sway controller or weight distributor will greatly increase your comfort and safety on the road while towing. Once again we can install your sway control, weight distribution system, and towbar on the Sunshine Coast together to save you time. If it interests you we have a great article that goes a little more in depth about Sway Control and Weight Distribution 

With the aquatic lifestyle we live, its easy to see how a towbar on the Sunshine Coast is a huge asset to have.
At Suncoast Vehicle Accessories we pride ourselves on being the Towbar Sunshine Coast experts.

Call us today or come into our vehicle accessory and towbar Sunshine Coast super store to talk with one of our staff today on (07) 5445 5588.

We look forward to helping you solve all your towing and vehicle needs, Call us today!