SCVA has been creating van fitouts for the last 20 years, and the range of options has expanded to become extremely customisable. From wall and floor linings to rollout drawers and everything in between we can customise your van so that it works more efficently for your needs.

Wall and floor lining offers protection for the cargo space in your van - in the long run, keeping the resale value - in the short term, creating a smooth even surface to build from, reducing road noise and protecting exterior panels from dents made by freight.

There are a range of options to suit all budgets and trade requirements.

Rubber Mats
An inexpensive lining material, available in vehicle specific shapes and sizes. Easily fitted by the driver, offering a nonslip surface for cargo and simply roll up and discard when changing vehicles.

Ply Lining
Basic ply lining comes in pine look, 6mm for walls and 12mm flooring, cut to size.

Pre-cut high quality 6mm wall lining
Comes with a light grey vinyl coat and a 9mm profile cut ply floor with anti-slip coating.
The wall lining is also available in precut panels to line the inside panel of sliding doors and bulkheads.

Mesh wall panels
Mesh panels can be installed on the inside walls to protect exterior panels from freight dents and glass windows from being broken. Also valuable for courier vans and taxi trucks to tie loose items and stop goods moving in transport

Adding a layer of quality marine grade carpet takes away the commercial look of van cargo space. It also adds an extra protective layer over the ply saving it from unsightly dents & scratches.

Spray Lining
Tough spray on coating can be applied over ply or straight onto existing vehicle contours.  It provides a smooth scratch resistant finish impervious to fluids.  Excellent for animal carrying fitouts, also ideal for painter etc.

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