While we are generally more security conscious than ever, these days, there are other reasons for choosing a canopy, ute lid or tonneau for a ute. 

Sure, once the back is secure, all the gear is out of sight and safe from the light fingered folk; but we are understanding more about how an organised space can affect our wellbeing. 

For most of us, our daily occupation pays the bills and finances the lifestyle; but it also occupies a good chunk of our day.  It therefore makes sense to consider the simplest way to create order in our work space. 

If a ute is your daily work space, take time to set it up for your needs.

Choose the canopy option which best suits your needs - fibreglass, plastic or alloy. (Options include colour coding, central locking, window options and interior shelving modules.)

A lockable ute lid allows the tub space to be secure and neat - your work truck becomes your weekend drive without unloading a thing!

If a tonneau cover is more your style - it can be removed and folded up for easy storage when not in use. When fitted, it retains its shape due to the supporting bows which reach from side to side - this prevents water or leaf buildup on the surface.