Van shelving utilises horizontal and vertical cargo space in a van for ideal storage and organisation of tools and equipment.

  • Shelving typically is based on a sturdy frame of two uprights and 1 angle piece to join the two across the top.
  • This frame is attached to the floor and the wall using specially engineered brackets for style & strength.
  • The shelves are attached to each upright section at two points, and are self supporting.
  • A neutral grey coloured powdercoat finishes the components and is compatible with most van interiors.

Prioritise your essential work, tools, products, inventory or deliveries.  Then organise with the latest Van Shelving Modules to create flow in your day!

We have a large array of Van Shelving available for all applications, whether you're transporting gym equipment, tradesman gear for carpenters, plumbers, electricians or mechanics you will find the perfect Shelving modules for your van here at Suncoast Vehicle Accessories.

It is important when choosing Van Shelving to choose a make that is strong, sturdy and made to last. Our Shelving is built to last and highly configurable - trades specific modules available.

Mix and match your shelving modules to customise for your needs, as business needs vary considerably from person to person. That’s why with our modules you can pick and choose the shelving you truly need to create the perfect match for your van.

If you have any questions about the right type of Van Shelving for you or would like advice on what might be suited to your particular needs remember we are just a phone call away, or if you have the time why not drop by and our friendly staff wil help you get the fit out you need..

Suncoast Vehicle Accessories has been established for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on customer service and product knowledge, our experts will be able to help you choose your van shelving modules with confidence and ease.

We refer to a "Bay" of shelving and there are various standard sizes. Standard Bay lengths are 419mm (4 Collection), 839mm (8 Collection),1024mm (10 Collection), and 1259mm (12 Collection).

Shelving Bay heights are as follows - 870mm, 1220mm, 1300mm, 1540mm.

Refer to the vehicle specific tabs for recommended Bay sizes.