Ute Trays - Steel & Alloy

Trays for Utes, Steel & Alloy - Combining durability and value for money - configurable by adding toolboxes, ladder racks etc

Available in a variety of sizes to suit most vehicles.

Enhancing a new ute or upgrading an old one - choose the options which best meet your needs!

Australian built trays for Australian conditions!

There are various reasons for adding a steel or alloy tray to a ute - its a very Aussie look for a start, it adds extra carrying space, (ideal for trades people) and offers a more robust and accessible deck with multiple tie down options.

Choose the headboard option you love, make a list of all the extras you need, like tool boxes, rear rack, undertray drawer, 15L water tank etc, and give our team a call.  If your wish list is more than your budget, start with the basic components and add extras as you can manage it.

Standard alloy finish looks great with any Paint colour, however, if your taste runs to powder coat or colour coded paint finish, that can also be arranged.  Lead times vary depending on size and stock levels

1. Choose tthe material - Steel or Alloy?

2. Decide on preferred headboard style - square, tapered, tube?

3. Consider a rear ladder rack to match the headboard profile

4. Think about extra storage - toolboxes and undertray drawers

5. Window and tail light protection?

6. Do you need to add extra tie points to tray floor?

7. What about a load net, or tonneau cover?

8. Have your list of preferences to hand and give us a call!


Remember, one of the fastest ways to increase your productivity is to  have your tools of trade well organised, easy to get to, and easier to put away! 

Consider a nudgebar with front rack to add length to your carrying capacity

Ute Trays - Steel & Alloy