Looking for Electrical products for your vehicle? Look no further than Suncoast Vehicle Accessories, we have a large range of Auxiliary Electrical such as voltage reducers, power harnesses, roof mounted flashing lights, brake controllers for trailers and caravans, and reversing cameras just to name a few.

Want to tow a caravan? There is a good chance you will need to fit a brake controller as today’s caravan brakes won’t work if you don’t have an electric brake controller in your car. At Suncoast Vehicle Accessories we have a large range of electric brake controllers suitable for all your towing needs.

Often you will need electric brake control when towing a load. If the total load you will be towing is over 750kg the law usually states that you must have a brake controller fitted. If you are unsure if you need an electric brake controller or what type of electric brake control will be right for you contact one of our staff now and we can easily assist you with all your questions.

Electric brake controls are generally installed under or in the dash or the centre console here at Suncoast Vehicle Accessories we have qualified staff on hand to help you with any questions related to installing an electric brake control, our staff can also help you with any vehicle electrical questions you may have simply pick up the phone and give us a call or come on in and meet our friendly staff.