1. Standard Alloy Ute Tray

1. Standard Alloy Ute Tray

Quality Aluminium finish to suit most utes.

Tray specifications include -

  • - 1.8T floor (2.5T heavy duty floor optional) - 225mm heavy duty dropsides
  • - Heavy duty Overcentre catches
  • - Heavy Duty hinges
  • - Full length tie rail
  • - Alloy mudguards
  • - Flush headboard for ease of loading
  • - Flush rear coaming for ease of loading & cleaning

This basic tray has been refined over the last 20 years to make sure it always offers the best attributes of an alloy tray, while still satisfying the leanest budget.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS * Alloy or Steel Mesh Window Protector

* Tail Light Protectors

* Front Side Steps (excluding dual cabs)

* Rear Side Step (dual cab)

* Rear Rack  ( Please choose the one that matches the headboard        profile)

* Tool Boxes

* Tie Down Points

1. Standard Alloy Ute Tray